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THE NEW FRONTIERS OF EDUCATION: UNESCO, 19 September 1998 Education, Society & Human Nature Knowledge
Professor Engineer Roberto Carneiro is an UNESCO Member and a brilliant thinker of our times. With a great intelligence he is a great communicator and a wonderful educator.

A former Ministry of Education in Portugal - probably the best and most innovative one that Portugal had during the XX Century - he is also a very open mind university teacher, with a vast knowledge and amazing life experiences to tell.

Prof. Roberto Carneiro is a visionary. He can preview the future with a very racional prospective, about the next millenium and the effects of Globalization and Information, in the evolution of the intelligent civilizations.
This electronic service is totally dedicated to his work, knowledge, kindness and the great joviality that he projects into all its students and the people that has the opportunity to know him.
Thank You.

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