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The European Monetary Union, Sep/1997 
The EURO, A new currency in a changing World, Sep/1998
Global Economics / English 
Global Economics / English
The EURO, Just Arrived, Jun/1998 Global Economics / English
Professor Doctor RAMÓN TAMAMES is a Spanish PHD in Law and Economy Sciences. With more than 40 books published in several languages is a remarkable scientist of our times. He is Professor of Economic Structure in the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Jean Monnet Chairholder.
A profound Europeist, almost "Panglossian", a MUST in the Culture and Science of this Global Scale Economy, a visionary of the World Wide Community of the XXI Century, The WWC ( please keep the middle W, and forget the other British word... ).
This electronic service is totally dedicated to his work, knowledge, kindness and the great happiness that he loves to share with all his students and people that has the opportunity to know him.
Thank You.
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