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Comment on the Paper of Mattias Kumm -  
On the When and How National Courts Ought  
to Exercize Their Jurisdiction... (11/Feb/1998) 
The Weiler/Petersmann Debate(?) on  
Constitutionalism - A Short Comment (18/Feb/1998)
Professor Doctor Miguel Poiares Maduro is a brilliant P.H.D. in Law. Probably one of the youngest portuguese PHDs ever.

A very open minded university teacher, with a great intelligence and the rare capability of mix himself with all his students, in most of the cases, even older than him.

He is also an amazing moderator and a natural brains-stormer... that easily can help us see perspectives never imagined. A great thinker!

This electronic service is totally dedicated to his work, knowledge, kindness and the great joviality that he projects into all its students and the people that has the opportunity to know him.
Thank You.

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