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MACAUPORT - Sociedade de Administração de Portos, S.A.R.L., is a company incorporated on December 18th, 1987, by way of an agreement entered into between the Territory of Macau and some companies targeting a better economical development of Macau by providing the Territory with a modern Container Port and an Oil Terminal capable of expanding Macau's production and business potential and intensifying its role as a regional and international business center.

On April 11th, 1988, the Macau Administration granted Macauport the concession for constructing and operating the Ká-Hó Port.

Regular operations at the Container Terminal began on December 16th, 1991, and the commercial operation at the Oil Terminal on 26th June 1995.

The Ká-Hó Port, in conjunction with other large development projects decided in the Territory, (The Macau International Airport, the New Outer Harbour Passenger Terminal, the New Macau-Taipa Bridge and the new road system with direct connection with the People's Republic of China border) are examples of some of the most important transport infrastructures now available in Macau.


Besides the Macau Government, with a 31.84% share, MACAUPORT - Sociedade de Administração de Portos, S.A.R.L., is held by a group of shareholders including some of the most prestigious and well established companies in the Territory, namely:

Partnerships and Companies Shared by Macauport, S.A.R.L.

Right from the very beginning MACAUPORT - Sociedade Administração de Portos, S.A.R.L. has tried to put to use the Ká-Hó Port infrastructure's full potential by carrying out other activities such as in the area of sea freight. To that effect, it has established some new companies or entered into joint ventures with other companies already established in the market.

As of the present time, the following are companies in joint venture with MACAUPORT:





Macauport Container Terminal Limited Estrada Nossa Senhora de Ká-Hó - Coloane - MACAU Tel. nº. 870558 (3 lines) Telefax nº. 870601 Telex nº. 88611 MCT OM

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The Oil Terminal is situated in Coloane Island, at a few hundred meters from the Container Terminal and facing the end of the runway of Macau International Airport.

The Oil Terminal was designed to store all kinds of oil products used in Macau, and can receive, two tankers simultaneously performing loading and unloading operations. It's nominal capacity is 86,000 cu.m spread through 14 tanks.

The Ká-Hó Oil Terminal is equipped with a laboratory, warehouse and office area to let to the Oil Companies.



Macau Oil Terminal Management Company Limited Estrada Nossa Senhora de Ká-Hó - Coloane - MACAU Tel. nº. 870132 Telefax nº. 881036 Telex nº. 88624 NKOIL OM

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