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Eurasia in global politics The Geopolitics of Power Projection in US Foreign Policy: From Colonization to Globalization, HENK HOUWELING AND MEHDI PARVIZI AMINEH, 27/02/2004
Power Projection The geo-politics of power projection in US foreign policy. Delayed effects of Fordist industrialization in the third era of globalization, 24/03/2003
Professor Doctor Henk W. Houweling is an Associate Professor of the International Relation Department of Political Sciences of the University of Amsterdam - Universiteit Van Amsterdam - in the Netherlands.

Professor Dr. Henk W. Houweling is also a Member of the Daily Board of ASIR.

A very open minded university teacher, with a tremendous energy, a rare intelligence and a vast knowledge from history to economics.

This electronic service is totally dedicated to his work, knowledge, kindness and the great joviality that he projects into all its students and the people that has the opportunity to know him.
Thank You.

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