The year 3008 A.D. is almost ending. 

Seni_8 is a very young Astronomer. 
With a great natural intelligence and a large memory capacity, she was capable of downloading into her brain the three first Education Modules in four years. 

With the age of six, she had absorved the Basic, Advanced and Master Degree Modules of Education.  
Now, with the age of eight she already downloaded the PHD Module. 
Today, she is doing research for her PHD Thesis in Cosmic Energy Tranfer. 

Venus, October 15, was the only planet were the last intelligent species of the old solar system could still survive. 

After the destruction of Mercury, Venus was the last choice. 

The SUN, our essential source of life, is disappearing... since some scientist of the Earth Energy Council (EEC) started  to send the Star Energy Capture Universal Satelites (SECUS) to the SUN in 2512 A.D. 

After the installation of the first pair of SECUS - one orbiting the SUN and the other turning around our old planet Earth - something very strange happened.  

What happened ? 
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