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As Aventuras do Fitini Zini
Por Fitini Zini
Ramón Tamames Spain: Professor Law & Economy
Miguel Maduro Portugal: Professor Law
Henk Houweling Netherlands: Professor Economy & Political Sciences
Roberto Carneiro Portugal: Professor Education
Franco Bruni Italy: Professor Economy
Agostinho da Silva Portugal: Professor Education
Ernâni Lopes Portugal: Professor Economy
Maria Céu Esteves Portugal: Professor Economy
Danny Van Den Bulcke Belgium: Professor Economy
Francisco Nicolau Timor+Portugal: Portuguese Lawyer  Law & Human Rights 
Willem Molle Netherlands: Professor Economy
André Sapir Belgium: Professor Economy
Fortunato Da COSTA Portugal: IT Consultant, Inventor Knowledge
Fortunato Da COSTA Media & Knowledge Productions .
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  • As Aventuras do Fitini Zini
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