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Portugal and China will be improving diplomatic relations next week when the two countries meet for 9 rounds of chess in Macau. Both teams come highly rated by the Federation of Internationale Des Esheque (FIDE - an international Chess regulatory body) and will feature some of the top players from both countries.

The match comes as part of Macau's celebration of Portugal National Day on June 10th. Macau, a Chinese territory under temporary Portuguese administration, is a small enclave located on the southern tip of China.

In another effort to promote east-west relations, a special east meets west chess challenge will be held for the general public on June 10th, the last day of the tournament. Some of the Chinese team members, who also play Chinese chess have offered to play multiple rounds of Chinese and international chess simultaneously. Grandmasters, the highest rating for chess players, routinely play 20-50 games simultaneously. But in this unique demonstration of skill, the player must not only deal with multiple game boards but also two different games requiring extra concentration and prowess.

This tournament will also be featuring a computer chess challenge evening. Saitek and Novag, two manufacturers of chess computers will be using their "top players" along with several other leading computer programs to match wits against the Grandmasters. To show how computers have made it easier for players to around the world, a demonstration of chess on the Internet will also be given.